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Welcome to BVH3D.COM

BVH3D.COM - 3D Poser Figures, Fantasywear, Scifi Outfits, Free 3D Downloads & More!

Welcome to BVH3D.COM

Home of Cynthia 1.2 - The Next Generation 3D Poser Figure

Welcome to BVH3D.COM, home Cynthia 1.2 - the brand new Poser girl on the block! Please feel free to browse through our ever-growing product catalog for Cynthia 1.2 outfits, props, poses, characters, background sets and many more!

If you would like to preview Cynthia 1.2,  a FREE base version of Cynthia 1.2 is also available for download!

Also, do stop by our Free Items, Free 3D Models & Free Poser Downloads section to pick up an extra 3D Model or two for your artworks!

Download the Cynthia 1.2 Base FREE at the Free Downloads section!
Click Here!